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Clients are talking & patients love their housecalls!

Erin provides an excellent service. My kitty Lily is very shy and gets extremely stressed when riding in the car and visiting the vet. Having Erin, a warm and friendly, competent and professional vet tech, come to my house, allows Lily to avoid all that stress.

Erin is a life saver!

Kathryn, Villa Park


I cannot thank you enough for the care, patience and #pawsitivity you showed Indiana. You are gifted in your ability to work with apprehensive pets. He is such a love, but gets scared easily. We went from overmedicating, muzzling and pinning him to the ground to treats and kisses. And also, his first accurate reading for his BP!!!!! I cannot believe I’m saying this, but he is looking forward to your next visit.

Casey - Mission Viejo

Thank you, Erin of Pawsitively Housecalls, for coming to our house and making nail trims so easy.  We no longer have to sedate or muzzle Marion for nail trims...  Erin is truly magical.   If you have a critter who is not people friendly, is challenging at the vet, has anxiety, or even has no issues at all, I highly recommend having Erin come to your house for your pet services!

Jen - Orange


Erin is amazing! She just successfully trimmed my Powder's nails and shaved off some difficult mats! We are grateful! 

Stephanie - Orange


Thank you Erin for being so patient with my handsome boy. You made a stressful experience so much better. Being at home, not having to give him medications first, meant so much to me. I am so happy I found Erin @ Pawsitively Housecalls and highly recommend her service.

Pamela - Yorba Linda


Thank you Erin.. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person. You are like some kind of cat whisperer. You have no idea how stress free your visit was,, seriously unbelievable .. He was fine and I was fine no crying all good.. Thank you!!! I will be calling you again..;-)and passing your number on to all my pet friends..

Debbie - Orange


Wow! What an amazing service Erin provides, and all in the comfort of your home! We noticed our dog needed some vet tech attention for scooting and message her in the morning and she came out just a couple hours later to help our girl to be more comfortable! Erin made sure our dog was comfortable and happy, letting me hold our dog and give her treats while Erin did her job quickly and thoroughly. Our beagle does not do well on car rides so having it done in house was great. Highly recommend and will use Erin’s services again. Thank you so much!

Catherine - Orange


I am getting ready to book my second appointment for my kittens when I realized I failed to post a review ! What a blessing Erin and the service she provides is !! She came over about a month ago for a paw-a-cure (nail trim 😻). My kittens loved it, even my super shy girl who hides when we have visitors. Within 5 minutes, this shy little girl was peeking around the corner and 5 minutes later was hanging around Erin. She sat perfectly still and let Erin trim all her nails perfectly calm and patient. Erin loved on them both and they still play with the toys she left for them. We can’t wait to see Erin again!

Kim - Orange


Today Alejandro and I received a Huge Blessing!  I am so GRATEFUL to Erin and Pawsitively Housecalls.  She was so awesome with Alejandro who now has SHORTER TOENAILS and and "private part" issue tended to.  The price of this house call was so reasonable! I highly recommend Erin!

Kathy - Santa Ana


I am crazy busy with a hectic schedule. Every minute of my day needs to be accounted for. So when I learned about Erin and Pawsitively Housecalls, I jumped at the chance to have a house call for my cat! Going to the vet to clip my cat's and dog's nails can take at least an hour out of my day, if not longer. My pets get so nervous in the car, and their stress levels rise once we arrive at the vet, along with my stress levels, because I know my critters are scared. So I contacted Erin with Pawsitively Housecalls and set an appointment online the same day!
Erin was on time, kind, professional, and gentle with my cat. Erin brought treats for my cat and rewarded her after her nail trim. Erin, I cannot thank you enough for being so loving and efficient at what you do! You saved me time and stress and eased my cat's anxiety. I thank you, and so does Joey Cat.

Jennifer - Orange


This is a photo of my daughter's family dog, Indie, when she was a young dog. She is a 12 year old dog now. Yesterday, Pawsitively Housecalls trimmed her nails. I know this sounds routine, but in this instance, it wasn't. Indie has never been a dog that allows strangers to touch her. She loves her people, but only her people. She is terrified to have her nails trimmed even by her people and on top of those things she currently has a inoperable torn ACL ligament and is unable to bear weight on that leg at all. At the present time, trimming her nails is a very difficult task. The purpose of this post is to say that Erin got the job done with no problem. Her expertise is top notch and her business is a lifesaver for all of us who have need for any of her services. Highest praise to you, Erin, and my heartfelt thanks for taking loving care of our sweet Indie girl.

Luanne - Santa Ana

My special needs pup desperately needed a nail clipping.  Cutting our pups nails is a traumatic experience for our pup and for us. I called Pawsitively Housecalls yesterday and made an appointment for today.  It was the easiest nail clipping we have ever experienced.  All three of our dogs loved Erin.  I highly recommend Pawsitively Housecalls!

Robin - Tustin

Bella Malkoff

Erin is truly amazing! My 4 month old little girl hated the carrier and being at the vet. And I'm just not very good at administering meds, 3 of them no less! Erin came in, took to my Bella instantly and Bella loves her right back! I'm learning so much about kittens, Erin is incredibly knowledgeable, so darn friendly and has removed all anxiety by not having to go to the vet! I highly recommend Erin for all your vet tech needs! She's the best in the business!!! Lisa - Tustin


I have called upon Erin a few times now, and totally recommend her services. Taking my 3 kitties to the vet for claw trims is stressful for all even once having a vet refusing to do the job without sedation for one of my cats. Erin is a spirit animal herself and manages to get all 3 claws trimmed and a couple fur mats removed calmly and without incident. No sedation. All 3 were lounging and snoozing around the house with their soft paws in minutes.  Wendy - Orange


Erin is extremely in tune with what animals are going through. Her peaceful disposition quickly transfers to all the creatures I’ve seen her interact with. She is very knowledgeable, trained, experienced and communicates clearly. She has been a great help to me with my animals. 

Mina - Tustin


Erin is AMAZING!! She is very knowledgeable, experienced, caring & has a heart of gold. She will take good care of your fur baby.

Linda - Anaheim Hills

Erin is a gem! A special person well trained to care for your pets. Take the stress out of your vet tech appts and do them at home. It’s a win-win for all!!

Tiffany - Yorba Linda

Butter & Stache.jpg

Erin is amazing. She is so good with all kinds of animals. We got our two rescue cats from her and Pets of Orange two years ago and they are the best. She has been helpful to me when I have questions or need animal help.

Karen - Orange

I have known Erin for a few years and she was the first one I called on a couple occasions making tough decisions for our cancer cat. I trust her wholeheartedly for sound advice because I know how much she loves animals and speaks/acts for their well-being.

She has also cut my other two cats nails a few times. They act like I’m torturing them but when she does it they’re calm enough to get through it quickly and smoothly.

She connects with all animals in a very special way and uses that gift well.

Irene - Orange

Daisy Cadilli.jpg

My dog prefers her over me.

I thought me and my dog had something special. We've gone camping many times, went on countless walks, dined on the finest Little Caesars pizza, Taco Bell Chalupas or whatever the mood was. Then along came Erin and her dog heart stealing ways. Now my once faithful bro acts as if I don't exist when Erin is present. In all seriousness, I don't trust anyone more than Erin when it comes to my dog, she truly has a way with animals.  

Mark - Irvine


I met Erin through our mutual love and respect for all creatures great and small. I have been privileged to see her in action as she cares and advocates for companion animals in need.  You will be hard pressed to find anyone more dedicated to fur babies and their health and comfort.

Heidi - RSM

Cori Quezada.jpg

I have had to use Erin and her services more times than I wanted but knowing Her and her caring demeanor I knew always calling her was the best choice. As a dog mom to a senior girl my world was turned upside down with a terminal diagnosis. When I was trying to make decisions she was there to answer my questions and be my support. She was also so kind to my Bay Girl. I knew when I had to make the tough decision to let me girl be pain free. She was the first call I made and needed her to be there for us. Fast forward I am a new dog mom. The little pup wasn’t quite weaned off Mom and was vomiting. As a worried Mama I called Erin first before taking her to the doggie ER. She calmed my anxiety and even came to give the little pup a clean bill of health. Pawsitively HouseCalls should always be your first call.

Cristina Quezada - Orange

Bailey Marie Quezada.jpg

I highly recommend Erin and her team! Juni doesn't love pedicures like her Momma does but Erin helped her get through it like a champ.  Thank you Pawsitively Housecalls - we will see you again soon!

Darice - OPA

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