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Who is Pawsitively Housecalls?

Fear Free in home care for your pets!

Pawsitively housecalls was born from a desire to provide veterinary nursing services in a calm and gentle manner, in the comfort of the patients home.  After working in Mobile Veterinary medicine for the past several years, Erin Sanders saw the need to help pets and pet parents with veterinary nursing visits that could be done without the stressful trip to the veterinarian. 


Erin Sanders, is a licensed RVT (veterinary technician) she has 20+ years of experience with animals; more than half of those years being in veterinary medicine.   She is also an Elite Level Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional. 

Erin has been in love and hands on with animals since she was a young girl.  Rescue, rehabilitation and animal welfare is ingrained in her.  She cares for her patients as if they were her own.  This passion has driven her beyond her RVT licensing credentials to spend hours learning and becoming Fear Free Certified.  She has also studied under T-Touch practitioners and is always striving to expand her knowledge to continue to help animals. 


In 2017 Erin Founded the Non Profit Pets of Orange.  Pets of Orange educates pet owners and works within the community to help owned pets and unowned animals that need assistance. You will often see her in the community helping even the smallest of critters.  All creatures great and small deserve love and kindness.

Erin Brodie
Erin Princess
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