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Veterinarians I know and Trust.

Trust is everything when it comes to choosing a Veterinarian to provide care for your Pets.  The Doctors and/or Practices listed below, I have worked with, have treated my own animals, or I have personally met with and feel confident extending a referral to you.

Mobile Vets


Advanced Mobile Vet Care

Providing Orange County’s Pets with Routine and Urgent Care Services

Advanced Mobile Veterinary Care is a practice that provides high quality & convenient at-home veterinary care for dogs and cats throughout all of Orange County, CA. Being in the comfort of your own home allows us to provide a more personalized assessment and treatment for your pet while also minimizing their stress, and sometimes yours as well! We also practice “Fear Free ®” techniques which further limit stress for your pet. Our practice has a special focus in emergency medicine and our mobile hospital is equipped to handle most all emergency situations as well as routine wellness care.



“Time spent with pets is never wasted”

Mobile veterinary services offer pets all the benefits of a doctor visit, in the comfort of their own home. No strange smells, no loud sounds, no unusual faces; just good vibes and a peaceful exam.


Sunny Side Veterinary

We’re here to help your pets thrive

Life can get busy sometimes, and it can be difficult to prioritize your companion's needs. We bring veterinary care to your home so you can spend less time driving and waiting, and more time on yourself and your family. Longer appointment times allow us to thoroughly examine your pet and address any concerns you may have. We want you to be confident in your care with a consistent doctor. We treat dogs and cats, young and old. We serve Orange County, California, based out of Rancho Santa Margarita.


Kim Pang Mobile Veterinary Accupuncture 

Provides veterinary acupuncture house call service for pets in Orange County, California.

Brick & Mortar Hospitals


The Cat Care Clinic

Feline-Only Veterinary Hospital

Over 30 Team Members, Many Who Have Been Here Over 10 Years, Several Over 15 Years.  The Cat Care Clinic provides continuing education to all of our staff members so that they are trained to answer your questions and offer a high standard of care. If you have a specific medical question, please request to speak with one of our veterinary technicians.


Tustin Care Veterinary Hospital 

Tustin Care Animal Hospital is a brand new modern facility designed to care for all of your furry family member's medical needs.  We are an Integrative Practice, meaning you get the best of Traditional Veterinary Medicine and the benefits of proven Alternative Therapies, to keep your pet healthy and prevent disease.

We give you more options to care for your pet and the knowledge and guidance to help your pet truly thrive.


Pacific Care

Pacific Care Pet Emergency & Specialty

Multispecialty & 24/7 Emergency Veterinary Hospital that focuses on comprehensive and compassionate treatment to provide the best care possible.
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