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inqusitive cat


My pet is sick and needs an exam, can you help?
If your pet is not feeling well, is injured or is otherwise not him or herself, they should be taken to your Veterinarian for a check up.  I am not a Veterinarian and cannot diagnose or prescribe medications.

How much are your services?
All of my service fees are listed under the SERVICES PAGE.  Each visit also includes a trip fee which is calculated based on mileage from our hub to your home.  If you fill out an appointment request I'd be happy to send you a quote.

My pet is very fearful, can you still help?
YES!!!  Fearful pets are my specialty.  I would be happy to try to help your pet overcome their fears.

Do you offer Pet Sitting?
I do offer pet sitting for existing clients who live in Orange, CA.  Overnights are not available.  If that is something you need, I can refer you to other pet sitters that I recommend. 

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